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Pangea Acrylic Screen Insert

  • Locks in humidity
  • Clear acrylic allows light to shine through
  • Provides temperature/humidity gradients
  • Fits 12" Exo Terra Terrariums
  • Can be used on any screen top
  • Tight fit for better results
  • Extends time needed between watering
  • Fits on one side to allow lights/airflow on the other
  • Comes with Pangea Gecko Foot Sticker for use on insert or elsewhere!

These Pangea Acrylic Lid Inserts are made to help "lock-in" humidity for plants & humidity-loving inhabitants. These removable acrylic inserts drop nice and snug into Exo Terra screen tops,  but leave enough room to pull the insert out and allow some airflow. These do a great job of keeping humidity significantly higher than the standard mesh screen would allow. These lid inserts are made from clear acrylic to allow light to still go through. Keep in mind it may increase the temperature in your terrarium so pay attention to your thermometer. If you are looking to start a vivarium or maybe give yours some extra love,  this is for you. Your plants and pets will thank you for it!

Many reptiles and amphibians thrive in environments that offer both dry spaces and damp ones. With the acrylic lid insert only covering one side of the terrarium,  you give your animal more environment variables,  allowing them to flourish and explore their terrain as if they were in the wild.

With a little trapped humidity struggling plants can turn into glowing, thriving plants. We also notice you need to water less when using these barriers as more moisture is contained. Make sure you figure out what your plants need first though! This isn't a fail-safe,  it's an extra boost.

While this product is made specifically for our most commonly used Exo Terra, the 12x12x18 terrarium, they can be used on any screen top where it is not directly hitting a light!

*Disclaimer: Do not place heat or light lamps directly onto the insert,  as this may damage the acrylic.*

Insert Sizes:

  • 10" x 4 3/8"
  • Pangea Acrylic Lid Insert Fits: 12x12x18

You can purchase a 12x12x18 Exo Terra Glass Terrarium online directly from us and have it shipped right to your door.

Only $6.99 flat rate shipping!