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Zoo Med Spider Wood

  • Spider-like limbs great for climbing lizards and snake
  • Excellent for Paludariums and planted tank set-ups.
  • Very low in tannins, will not discolor aquarium water.

Zoo Med Spider Wood makes a great decoration for aquariums and terrariums. It closely mimics the true wood. It looks so natural that it will be difficult for reptiles to know the difference. Ideal for both terrariums and aquariums, it is completely safe. It is made using no toxins and therefore won't cause any harm to your pet. This spider wood has spider-like limbs making it great for snakes and climbing lizards. Since it is quite low in tannins, it won't discolor your aquarium water.

Cleaning: Remove Wood from the terrarium and spray the entire piece with disinfectant. Let it sit for 5 minutes, and then rinse completely with water. Allow to air dry for 30 minutes then return to the terrarium.

Terrariums: Zoo Med's Spider Wood has been pressure washed, heat-treated, and is ready to be added to your terrarium. Make sure the securely place each piece so that it cannot fall and hurt your pet.

Aquariums: Prepare the wood by either soaking it in a separate container until it becomes waterlogged or weighing it down in the aquarium until it no longer floats. During the first few days of having the wood immersed, beneficial bacteria in your aquarium will feed on small organics within the wood creating a thin white film on the wood's surface. This is a natural process and should go away within a week as the organics are consumed.

*Spider Wood is a naturally grown product. Sizes are approximate.