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Zoo Med ReptiCare Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter

  • 24 hour heat source
  • High quality porcelain
  • Emits zero disrupting light
  • Flat-faced design for longer lasting output
  • Deep penetrating heat

If you need to boost your tank's overall heat but don't want the extra added light, Zoo Med's Ceramic Heat Emitter is the answer to your problem. Instead of a conical design, this ceramic heater for reptiles features a flat-faced front that deters extra heat build-up and expands the life of your emitter. Can be left on all night and day and won't disrupt your light and nighttime cycles. Ideal for well lit rooms that may be a little drafty or for seasonal changes that bring colder weather and lower your temps. Great for reptiles and amphibians. The bulb will extend about 3 inches from the socket. The ceramic heat emitter is only UL/cUL classified when used in conjunction with Zoo Med’s Wire Cage Clamp Lamp.