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Zilla Mini Halogen Reptile Bulb-Blue

  • Lasts longer than other bulbs
  • More output/watt than incandescent basking bulbs
  • 25 watt Mini Halogen Equivalent to 50 watts
  • 50 watt Mini Halogen Equivalent to 75-100 watt standard

These powerhouse mini bulbs absolutely kick out the craziest amount of heat and light for the size. Mini halogen lamps last much longer than any other reptile bulb on the market so you can stop replacing bulbs every month or two. Instead you can sit back and relax and enjoy your pets while they bask in the warm sumptuous glow of the Zilla Mini Halogen bulb. Time to stop spending money on other bulbs that burn out quickly and use up unnecessary power. Get these for your reptiles, you'll be glad you did

These Bulbs Only Fit In The Mini Halogen Fixture.

Mini Halogen Fixture