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Arcadia Halogen Basking Spotlight ( 50w / 75w / 100w )

  • Brings out reptile's true colors
  • Dimmable halogen filament
  • Ideal beam projection for basking
  • Longer life than other heat spotlights
  • Available in 3 wattages ( 50w / 75w / 100w )

The newest reptile heating product from the lighting experts at Arcadia. The long-lasting efficient basking spotlight bulb creates warmth and light at the recommended beam angles for reptiles. This bulb accurately re-creates the type of basking spots that your cold-blooded animal would find and seek out in the wild. Halogen filaments are more sturdy and less prone to premature burnout than traditional heat bulbs saving you money and frustration. The spectrum of light emitted by the Arcadia spotlights is great for really showing off the colors of your reptile and the infrared heat produced attracts them to it.

Recommended placement is at one far end of the habitat to create a perfect temperature gradient in which the animal can naturally thermoregulate. Structures can be built up underneath the lamp using stone, rock, wood, or similar materials enabling even more temperature options. These bulbs can be connected to dimmers or thermostats for precise basking temperature control.

How To Keep Your Heat Bulb From Burning Out Prematurely

Using a high-end thermostat like the HerpStat 1 or any of the HerpStatallows this bulb to be turned on gently further increasing the lifespan of the filament by eliminating the sudden surge of power that happens with an on/off switch. Another advantage of the Herpstat gentle start feature is that it can be programmed to come on slowly over a selectable amount of time simulating sunrise at dawn as well as turning off slowly to simulate the dusk sunset.