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New Year - New Bags

You may have noticed the new bag designs for Pangea Gecko Diet™ while shopping on our site or maybe you even received one already. The new bags are full of fantastic new features, but our gecko diet has remained the same nutritious and delicious food your geckos have come to know and love.


Pangea Gecko Diet with Insects 8 oz. bag

These bright new bags have a refreshed yet familiar design. The first thing you will probably notice is that they all feature our new logo! You will see on many of our new products, and as we transition established products into their new packaging, that our Pangea gecko foot logo is on display. The gecko foot logo establishes an iconic silhouette that looks great anywhere. We are excited to feature it on our flagship gecko diets.

You may notice the couple wording changes on the new bags, but rest assured you are still getting the same great recipe as before. All the wording changes are designed for consistency and clarity across our whole gecko diet line of products.

Instead of the tiger crested gecko that was featured on each bag, we made each flavor feature a different morph. Our most popular flavor “with Insects” now shows off our beloved gecko, Patient Zero! Another one of our popular diets “Growth & Breeding Formula” now displays the “Cold Fusion” trait developed popularized by Tom of Geckological. Other prominent crested gecko morphs include a super dalmatian like the famous Damn Daniel on the “with Watermelon” flavor, the provocative super cappuccino morph on our “with Apricot” flavor, an axanthic gecko on our “with Papaya” flavor. Finally, we are excited to give our original flavor “Gecko Treat” its own bag in Pangea Reptile™ blue with the always stunning red patternless morph. These exciting design changes are not the only new features in our gecko diet bags.

Pangea Gecko Diet New 8oz Bags

New Features

Some of the most exciting elements are the new features we have implemented for the bags. As we always seek to improve our brand and products, we have listened to our customers and made some improvements to the zipper, added Pangea branded scoops to 64oz bags, and added unique authentication technology.

Pangea Gecko Diet Zipper


As you may know, opening and re-sealing bags of powder does not always go as planned. With that in mind, we upgraded the zipper on our bags. This new zipper is thicker and sturdier, which offers a noticeably more satisfying closure. The zipper’s adhesion surface is wider and has a stronger glue to prevent the zipper from tearing away from the bag. This improved zipper adds security and longevity to the gecko diet inside.

Pangea Gecko Diet Scoop


For those of you who buy our 64oz. bags, you can now enjoy a free branded scoop in each bag. You can portion out your gecko diets with ease using the convenience of a handled scoop. No more tipping a big bag and shaking powder everywhere each time you need to make a batch of food for your geckos.


QR and Guilloche Sample

One of the most noticeable changes you will find is the QR code on the back of the bag and the unusual symbol below the QR. This advent in our packaging technology is amongst the most exciting new additions. The spirograph looking symbol is known as a guilloche and along with the corresponding QR code is unique to each bag. When you scan the QR code, the link will bring you to a page to authenticate your bag of Pangea Gecko Diet™. You will see the corresponding unique guilloche displayed on your browser.

Authentication technology offers peace of mind. By simply scanning your bag with your phone, you can know that you have received an unadulterated, non-counterfeit, authentic Pangea Gecko Diet™. We are happy to implement this new element into our gecko diets to assure our customers they are receiving only the best crested gecko diets in the world!

Pangea and You

Many of the new features to our Pangea Gecko Diet™ bags have come from suggestions from customers like you. We love feedback on our products and services so we can learn how to better serve our most important asset – you! Please let us know what you think of the new bags below and feel free to give us suggestions on any of our products here.

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January 11, 2023

The zipper upgrade is huge. I do agree with another comment that having the expiration date on the bag and not the “tear here” seal would be helpful. I buy an assortment of flavors for 2 geckos so I don’t fly through gecko food, the dates help me decide which needs to be prioritized. Haven’t got a new bag, so I cannot confirm if this has changed. My geckos will not eat from other brands even if I just have to buy a different brand on a whim, it’s not worth it. Any upgrades to packaging is welcomed! Thank you for taking reptile nutrition and variety seriously. The little critters don’t deserve to eat the same flavor and to eat subpar nutrition. We are their caretakers after all. If my geckos could use my phone they would drain my account on figs+insects and growth+breeding formulas!

Eileen Lankow
Eileen Lankow

January 11, 2023

I like!! Nice to see the variety of geckos, and the new and improved zipper will be great! (From someone who’s great at spilling by accident!)

Shirley P.
Shirley P.

January 11, 2023

I love the new designs! I wish you guys sold stickers of the logos! I had to make my own from the last bag (since I stored mine in a different container because of the old zippers) by cutting out and covering in packing tape. I love these so much!

Nick Sherman
Nick Sherman

January 11, 2023

On the new bags of gecko diet, have you considered moving the expiration date stamping on the bag? With the old bags, the first time you tear open the new bag, you tear off the expiration date stamp and throw it away.

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