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Zoo Med Repti Shelter

Zoo Med Repti Shelter



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This 3 in 1 cave can be filled with Terrarium Moss or Eco Earth to provide a humid microclimate for shedding, hiding, or egg laying. The durable resin construction of this reptile shelter means that it can easily be washed and sterilized, and the removable lid makes it easy to check on your animal or remove eggs.

  • Small- For young or hatchling reptiles.
  • Medium-Great for midsized reptiles.  Great hide box and great lay box for crested geckos.
  • Large-For medium to large sized geckos and other reptiles.  Best model for a lay box.
The small size is perfect to place inside the small tanks for baby and hatchling cresties to have a humid hide to shed properly. The hatchlings enjoy spending time on top of or inside the cave, and it helps maintain a more humid environment for a proper shed.

We use the medium size for our adult pairs as a breeding nest site. The female regularly lays her eggs inside this size "nest box". We have it partially filled with coconut husk fibers that are slightly moistened.

Nice quality, easy to clean, and looks great in your tank too!