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Zoo Med Nocturnal Infrared Spot Lamp

Zoo Med Nocturnal Infrared Spot Lamp



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True red glass, not painted or coated! Zoo Meds spot reflector focuses more heat into your enclosure and minimizes nighttime glare. Ideal 24 hour heat source for all types of reptiles, amphibians, birds or small animals. Very little visible light provided so as not to disturb your animals sleep patterns. Excellent for nocturnal viewing of all types of captive animals.

ZOO MED heat and infrared bulbs are all we use to raise the temperature for our critters! From Uromastyx to hermit crab tanks, we ONLY USE ZOO MED for their exceptional quality and long lasting bulb hours. No other bulbs compare for the price! Great quality bulbs.

Make sure you order two. Play it safe and always have extra on standby down the road.