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SMALL Zoo Med Natural Hanging Plant



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Create your own jungle! Your reptile will never know the difference. Natural Bush plants provide hiding and resting places for all types of reptiles and amphibians.

  • Small 12"
  • Medium 18"
  • Large 22"
I absolutely love this plant looks very natural in my geckos viv!

I purchased a few of these hanging plants & my crested gecko's like them.

Bought 1 mexican phyylo and 1 madagascar bamboo hanging plants for my baby crested geckos. I currently have my cresties housed in 6 qt tubs. one plant per tub is perfect. enough cover and enough room to eat and hunt. The mexican phyllo seems to be the winner It has enough coverage and supports the gecko well. The bamboo one is to feathery like and the gecko with that plant doesn't seem to like it very much. It provides cover but the leaves aren't that big so a lot of light can shine through to the gecko. Looks good though. Great plants otherwise! buying more tonight!

These plants are awesome. I have six of them in my crested geckos cage. They are way better than real plants, they look real and they are great for her to climb on. Pangea reptile has a great price on them. I highly recommend.