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THG Heat Tape for reptiles

THG Heat Tape (All Sizes)



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THG Reptile Heat Tape



From the guys at THG comes the latest in heat tape technology. This reptile heat tape is ideal for all snake racks or reptile cages. THG Heat Tape for reptiles operates at various watts per foot depending on the size you purchase and requires the use of rheostat or thermostat. We can cut the heat tape to fit any length rack or tank set up.  

  • Made From Durable Plastic Film
  • Allows you to provide a thermal gradient with a warm area and a cooler area
  • Specifically designed for use with reptiles
  • Will last for years and years when used properly
  • 4 different sizes. 3", 4", 6" 12".  Tape should cover no more than 1/3 of tank or tub floor
  • Can be cut to any length

You will need to purchase a THG wire and clip set which we can install for you.  The connection charge is $0.99 per connection, but we will connect it for free if you buy $100.00 or more of heating tape.  You can connect it yourself if you have a hole punch and a crimper or you can go old school and solder the connections to the tape (please make sure you know what you are doing, we dont want you to burn your house down). Once connected heat tape can not be returned.

General Safety

  • Never Overlap the heat tape
  • Secure the probe directly to the heat tape and check often
  • Use smoke detectors

Can I get away without using a thermostat?

For safety reasons you should use a good thermostat or at the very least a rheostat. Heat tape will last considerably longer and be much safer for you and your animals if it is used as recommended. Think of it this way, is skimping out on a temperature controller worth the possible consequences of a fire or an overheating incident.

Which side should face up?

Both sides heat equally well, there is no difference.

Can I cut the tape?

Yes!  Heat tape is a thin plastic material that can be cut with scissors. Razor blades can also be used but make sure to cut away from yourself. There are black dots on the tape spaced every 12 inches to help you figure out where to make your cuts. It's a good idea to use a measuring tape as well to avoid wrong cuts as this stuff cannot be put back together once you cut it.

Can you assemble my heat tape for me?

We can! We have a special crimping tool that we use to put the rivets on securely, while this can be done at home, most people do not have a crimper and pliers just don't quite do the job. Vice grips are the closest thing to a crimper and can work fine if care is taken to make sure the rivets are completely pressed together.

Which Size Should I use?

1) You want to create a warm area for your reptile but you also need to make sure they can completely get away from the heat if they want to. The heat tape should cover no more than 1/3 of the tank floor, but with smaller animals you can get away with much less.  

2) In the event you have a thermostat fail, this set up helps prevent catastrophe as the animal is still able to move away from the heat source. 

You MUST set up the thermostat probe on the heat tape itself.  This is very important. DO NOT place your thermostat probe inside one of the tubs or off of the heat tape in a belly heat setup. Make sure the probe is secure and on the heat tape and check often to make sure it does not get dislodged.

If I have to place the probe on the heat tape itself, How will I know the temp in the cage?

The temp on the heat tape is going to be warmer than in the tub. You will want to set your themostat to your about 5 degrees above what you want the warm spot to be and then check the temp inside the tub. An infrared temp gun works best but any quality thermometer will do. Adjust the thermostat temperature setting up or down until you achieve the desired results inside your cage or tub. 

My heat tape is not always the same temperature in all places?

Heat tape is not a high precision product but it is fairly consistent and you can expect about a 5% variation in temperatures across the heat tape. This is a very normal and acceptable amount of variation for heating reptiles. Use a thermostat, make sure your probe is secured on the heat tape and double check temps with a thermometer. If all these things are in order then your set up will function nicely.

How much of this heat tape can I hook up to a thermostat?

We recommend that you limit it to a maximum length of under 50 feet for the 3 inch and 4 inch heat tape, under 35 feet for the 6 inch, under 25 feet when using the 12 inch. This is the recommended maximum, it is better to try to stay under these limits.

Choose your thermostat by multiplying the lenght of the heat tape by the wattage per foot. For instance the 3 inch heat tape is 4 watts per foot. If you have 30 feet of 3 inch heat tape it would be 120 watts. Check your thermostats wattage rating to make sure it can handle what you are hooking up to it.


Place a mark on the copper strip of the heat tape about 1/4 of an inch in from the end.

Punch a hole through the copper strip where you have marked it. A regular old paper hole punch will work just fine.



Insert the eyelet BETWEEN the the plastic layers. It is important not to go on top of or underneath but actually get inside the and between the laminate.


Once inside line up the eyelet with the punched out hole and place the longer end of the rivet through the tape and eyelet.




Next, connect the smaller part of the rivet with the other end of the rivet.




Using a special crimping tool or a good pair of vice grips, crimp the rivet together completely.  The rivet should not move at all if this is done properly.




Use the provided insulation pieces to sandwich the connection on both sides





Use electrical tape to cover the ends of the heat tape and you are done.