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Stone Dual Gecko Cup Holder Dish

Stone Dual Gecko Cup Holder Dish



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These resin dishes are made to hold your geckos food and water dishes securely so that they don't get tipped over.  Nobody likes spilled food, especially your geckos.  Made to look like stone, these natural dishes look great in any terrarium.  The stone dual cup holder dish holds two .5 oz gecko cups.

These feeders look really nice in my crested gecko's enclosure's & they can't tip over.

This is another great product for the geckos who sometimes prefer eating on the floor.

We have a few Cresties that like to eat on the ground instead of the Magnetic Ledge, and this prevents the food and water dishes from spilling.

Great quality and blends in to the terrarium scenery too!

It a nice extra food and water dishes for my crested gecko it's easy to clean, it doesn't tip over, and it matches the Pangea Mini Magnetic Gecko Feeder Ledge that I also have in the tank. Giving my gecko multiple levels to eat and drink from.