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Stone Bottle Top Holder



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We all have bottle tops laying around, so why not use them for your geckos food and water dishes?  Oh yeah, because they knock them over and get food all over everything.  Well not anymore thanks to the bottle top holders, which secure the dishes in place and keep your pesky geckos from making a mess of the cage.  Made from resin to resemble natural stone.  

These are stellar dishes, top quality and they met functionality needs well. As I consume a sinful amount of Diet Coke, (and health wise I trust the plastic bottles slightly more than I do the aluminum cans) it's a no brainer for me to use soda caps as disposable Crested Gecko dishes; however the “tipping” issue with the lightweight bottle caps can result in a sticky situation for nightly clean-up. After viewing multiple DIY sites on how to make ledges, dishes, etc., and after purchasing the supplies to make them, I still have the unopened supplies in my hall closet. Let's face it, some people are lucky enough to be ARTISTIC Crested Gecko addicts, while the rest of us are just basic Crested Gecko aficionados missing that “craft creativity” gene. I was thrilled to find this product at my favorite reptile supply store - Pangea Reptile. I ordered a "6 pack" and was so excited that I took the time to write this review (for those of you that know me personally, you know that time is something I never have enough of). When this product is back in stock, I will be adding them to each of my Crested Gecko’s habitats, with the added benefit of a multi-pack discount (which is substantial as you save $6 for a pack of six dishes, $24 for a pack of twelve) you just cannot miss. Let’s just say I need NUMEROUS multi-pack to have one in each habitat. As I told my Mom on her last visit when she asked why I have so many Crested Geckos, "Mom, They're like potato chips, it’s almost impossible to stop with just one.” Thanks for all you do - I've met some awesome people since I got into the hobby years ago, and the people at Pangea are friends that I truly cherish.