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Small Cup Adapter - Ultimate Gecko Ledge



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Small Gecko Diet Cup Adapter designed for the Pangea Ultimate Gecko Feeding Ledge.

Everyone loves the Ultimate Ledge but some of you may want to use the smaller size feeding cups.  This clear plastic insert fits right into the cup hole reducing the size down to perfectly fit the half ounce food cups.  You can place an adapter into each cup hole or just into one, if for instance you want to use a small cup for food and large one for water or vice versa.  Customize your ledge exactly how you want it.  We're always trying to make your life easier, now I'm not saying we think of everything here at Pangea but we pretty much think of everything.  

  • Price is for 1 adapter.
  • Adapters may be shipped with a blue peel off protective coating.  
  • Does NOT fit other ledges.
Thick material to keep the cup in place and fits the small cups perfectly. Mine came in blue. Very happy with it.

I love the adaptors for the elevated dishes! They help me enhance a product that is to big for a little gecko, These keep them from falling in gaps! What a neat idea.

These adapters work great for anyone with a small gecko. I got two and the small cups now my baby gecko has the perfect size food and water bowls. Highly recommend.