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Zoo Med Reptisun LED High Output Hood

ReptiSun LED HO Terrarium Hood



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The new high output LED hood by Zoo Med is a super bright daylight for reptiles and live vivariums.  They utilize 6500K wavelength daylight LED's along with 620 nm red LED's which is ideal for growing live terrarium plants and mosses and stimulates natural behaviour in your vivarium inhabitants. You can flick a switch and change over to the 465 nm blue LED's for nightime viewing, giving the vivarium a lunar effect while not disturbing the inhabitants or plants.  

The ReptiSun LED UVB terrarium hood is perfect for terrariums with frogs, geckos, or other reptiles in a natural planted setting.

  • Very efficient, low energy lighting.  (won't raise your electric bill much)
  • Great for growing live plants in your terrarium or vivarium.
  • LED lights last a very long time without losing intensity.

This hood does not provide heat or UVB and is intended for use in vivariums with high LUX requirements.  It can be used in combination with separate heat and/or UVB fixtures and bulbs.

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