VE-300X2 Reptile Thermostat

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The Vivarium Electronics VE-300X2 pulse proportional thermostat has all of the features of the 300 model with the added functionality of dual zones and a 900 watt total power capacity. This reptile heater thermostat is ideal for heat tape, cable, under tank heaters, etc. Not recommended for use with incandescent heat lamps.

What it has:

  • Pulse Proportional Control
  • 900 watt capacity
  • Dual Zones (control two separate areas with a single thermostat)
  • Built in Night Drop capability
  • Safety Shutoff
  • High and Low Temperature Alarms
  • 700 watt capacity
  • Battery backup for clock

What it doesn't have:

  • It has everything!

Standard Features

  • Mounts on table top or any flat surface
  • Lighted display.  Shows set point and probe temperature.
  • Hi/Lo History
  • Easily programmed
  • Won't lose any settings in the event of power failure
  • Grounded receptacle compatible with the use of power strip
  • 700 watt capacity with easily replaceable fuse
  • 10 foot replaceable probe cord
  • 6 foot power cord
  • Stackable
  • Pulse Proportional OR On/Off