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These reptile hide boxes are made of heavy 1/8" thick plastic and can withstand just about anything. The plastic is smooth inside and outside of the hide box making cleaning a snap.  These units are designed for ease of use and sanitation and make great hides for shoebox or tub type rack systems and terrariums. Door placement is offset to really give your pet a sense of security which aids in reducing stress in captive reptiles.


When selecting a size for your snake or reptile, keep in mind that they should fit snugly inside the box.  If the snake hide is too large then it won't be as effective in providing security.


  • Mini: 5.5"x3"x1.5".  Recommended for small hatchling snakes.
  • Small: 5.5"x4"x2.125". Perfect for young colubrids and hatchling boas and pythons.  Fits most standard shoe box rack units.
  • Medium: 10"x7"x2.25". Works well for most adult colubrids and juvenile to sub-adult pythons and boas.  Fits well inside the 28-32 qt tubs.
  • Large: 13.25"x9"x3.25". Good for small adult Ball pythons or similarly sized boas and pythons.  Fits nicely in 28-41qt snake tubs.
  • Extra Large: 16.25"x11"x4.5". Ideal for normal to large size adult Ball Pythons as well as medium boas or Womas.
Good for rack/tub setups with leopard geckos. They are just as pictured but I like the natural looking caves in my display quality vivariums.

These are fantastic hides and cheaper here than most other places!

Use a large with my ball python, and it looks good and works great. Easy to clean, indestructible, and never has paint chip like all brands (granted, its 100% plastic). Must have for all snakes

Crested Geckos LOVE these hides too~! Every time I add this hide to a habitat the Crested locates and uses it almost immediately. Mini and small for Cresties.