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Rainforest Junky's Gut Load

Rainforest Junky's Insect Gut Load



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Insects love it and your animals will benefit from gut loaded and nutritious feeder crickets or roaches! Rainforest Junky's Cricket Gut load is a proprietary blend of real foods rich in vitamins and minerals for breeding and gut loading live feeder insects prior to offering to your pet reptiles or amphibians. 


Directions: Shake package well before each use. Provide 2 tablespoons per 4 dozen crickets or roaches. This food should be offered along with cut carrots or water gel to keep your feeder insects hydrated.


I got this and the crickets love it! It's way cheaper than buying the repashy brand of gutload and I noticed that with this gut load, my bearded dragon seems to not have to eat as many crickets before feeling full. When I was using the repashy gut load he ate more crickets and always seemed hungry. Love it!