Payment Plans

We are happy to work out payment plans!

We require 10% down with a minimum of $25.00 on geckos under $250.00.  Down Payment and all subsequent payments are NON REFUNDABLE under any circumstances.

Geckos must be paid for in full within 8 weeks, which is 56 days.


How To Begin A Payment Plan

      • * First add the gecko to your cart and checkout, make sure to select "MONEY ORDER" as your payment method instead of credit card or PayPal. This allows you to order the gecko without having to pay for it in full.
      • * Next, use the button below to send us your down payment. Select $25.00 for geckos $250.00 or less. Select the closest amount for geckos over $250.00.
      • * Email us using the Contact Us form to confirm your Payment Plan. 


    • * IMPORTANT: We require a deposit immediately after an order is placed. A deposit must be sent within 2 hours of submitting an order. Orders that are unpaid, or that we have not received a PayPal deposit for within that 2 hour period will be cancelled. We will accept money orders as payment only after receiving a deposit via PayPal.
    • Once Your order is paid in full, we will contact you to arrange shipment.
    • * Payment plans can be used for reptiles only. Merchandise can not be put on a payment plan.





Down Payment