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Ultimate magnetic gecko feeding ledge

Pangea Ultimate Gecko Ledge - Magnetic



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If you want the best gecko feeding ledge available, this is it!  


Comes with 8 free 1.5 oz cups!


This mushroom style magnetic feeder rock ledge makes feeding your geckos easy! Geckos prefer to eat at elevated heights and this puts their food right where they want it!  It uses high strength magnets both inside the ledge and attached to the outside of your terrarium.  The ultra high strength magnets secure the ledge to just about any type of enclosure.

  • Easy Clean Up!  Made from ABS plastic, you can simply wipe away any mess, even dried on gecko diet!
  • Durable!  Solid Plastic construction.
  • Can support up to 4 adult size crested geckos at one time (or 240 grams) through 1/4 inch glass.
  • Optional third magnet slot for super sized geckos like Leachianus or Gehyra or for use on thicker glass/wood enclosures.
  • Holds 2 Large 1.5 oz disposable cups.
  • Want to use small cups instead?  Just get the cup adapter.
  • Size: 8.5" x 4.75" x 2.25"


Pro Tip: When installing the feeding dish ledge, position the ledge on the inside of your enclosure and slide the outside magnet into place. That way there's no chance of the magnet slipping out of your hand and cracking the glass.





Just got the charcoal black feeding ledge in, the magnets are amazing. They are covered in a nice soft rubber material so cannot scratch glass, very strong and easy to separate. Very nice.

My crested gecko, Caicos, loves this! Perfect size and having 2 dishes is great, one for the Pangea watermelon & mango food and one for live insects!

I was a little worried that two magnets wouldn't be strong enough but they are more than enough to keep her ledge in place. Great quality, strong magnets with easy to hold backs, doesn't slide. So happy with it.

The magnets are very strong (2), and my gecko has no problem getting to her food. I also like how it came with 8 clear plastic dishes for me to put the Pangea Fruit Mix inside of. This is a great buy.

Absolutely love this. Looks great. The disposable cups make feeding a snap. No need to clean up left overs. My geckos like to perch on it even when they're not eating or drinking.

This is an excellent food dish and hUmongous! It's even big enough for your gecko to chill out on. I would suggest getting the extra magnet for a little extra support. Another excellent product from an excellent company.

Very convenient for taller tanks! I love that they don't have to eat out of their cups on the floor! I have four geckos and have one for each tank! Very easy to clean, and the magnets are super powerful so you don't have to worry about it falling or risking the wellbeing of your geckos either!

I bought this dish for my Uroplatus sikorae geckos. One of my bolder females was climbing on it and eating out of it the first night.
The magnets are very strong, so I don't have to worry about the ledge falling, a constant concern I had with suction cup attachments.
The plastic is smooth and easy to clean, and so far, the majority of the dubia roaches stay in the cup.
I'm very pleased with this purchase, and will probably buy more. If they decide to sell a similar plastic magnetic planter, I'd snap up a bunch of those in a heart beat. :)

This gecko ledge is, by far, the best on the market for arboreal geckos. As it is magnetic you dont have to worry about humidity or heat affecting any adhesive materials, which can cause them to fail. The magnets are also really strong so you have to slide them into place. Really well made heavy duty plastic and decent sized spaces for cups - you get 8 with the ledge but you can use you regular cups easily too, if you prefer.

The ledge is big but will fit nicely into exo terra terrariums - I've put it into the 30x30x45 and it works great as another resting place as well as for food and water.

Highly recommend!

My Crested Gecko loves this, its his favorite hang out spot in the tank! He eats more frequently with food raised higher in his enclosure. I mist his tank, but he still sometimes drinks water out of his bowl... he will even curl up with his hind end on the water side. He is always perched on the ledge even though he has plenty of decor and plants to climb on.