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Mossy Reptile Vine

Pangea Mossy Vine



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These natural looking decorative jungle vines add functional climbing structure to any reptile cage. Coated in patches of realistic moss, fake plant growth and smaller chutes, Mossy Vines are a perfect addition to any style of enclosure from live planted vivariums to simple set ups. Bendable and poseable to virtually any position. The Pangea Mossy Vines are available in 2 sizes: Small 40", and Large 52". Ideal for many arboreal lizard, gecko and snake species.


Small: 40" Length

Large: 52" Length


Installation: Remove vine from packaging and bend to desired position. Secure the vine inside your reptile terrarium to branches or other structures. Using a large Suction Cup With Vine Hook (not included) will allow you to secure the vine at an elevated position.


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