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Magnetic Mushroom Ledge Natural Small

Pangea Magnetic Mushroom Ledge - Small



I have one ledge in most of my Leachianus tanks close to the top to help hold the cork bark slabs in place. Much to my amusement, my geckos seem to prefer sleeping on the mushroom ledges than on the bark. The magnets are quite strong, and after a while, the magnets will stay stuck to the glass on their own. This is helpful, because they stay put so you can remove and clean off the ledge.

I have 3 of these in my gecko tank set at different heights. My gecko is almost always perched on one while she sleeps. She was sleeping upside down on the glass so I got these to prevent floppy tail, but also just to add some nice functional decor.

These are very lightweight and very tough, not brittle. The magnets are strong enough to hold like 20 Crested Geckos !

Ordered one of these for my guys, and they love it! Realistic looking and looks great in the terrarium! Highly recommend!