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Pangea Fruit Mix™ Crested Gecko Food is a delicious mix of Organic Bananas and Papayas that your geckos will love. A varied diet is very beneficial for any animal, and the PFM is a great way to give them the variety they crave without sacrificing nutrition. PFM is the result of over 5 years of development and testing culminating in a food that has ideal levels of calcium for strong bones and egg laying, high quality protein for growth and reproduction, as well as the proper nutrients to keep your geckos healthy! PFM was designed to be fed as part of a complete diet rotation plan that includes insects once or twice a week.

Each 8 oz bag of Pangea Fruit Mix™ makes an entire blender full of food!

Mix 1 part powder to 2 or 3 parts water depending on desired consistency. Using a blender or squeeze bottle is recommended. Prepared mix is good for up to 7 days if refrigerated. Dry mix is good for 6 months at room temp or 1 year if refrigerated.

Can be mixed with or alternated with Repashy Superfoods Crested Gecko Diet at up to a 50:50 ratio as long as dusted gutloaded insects are offered once a week or more. Can also be used to wean picky geckos onto the Repashy diet.

I started feeding this only 6 months ago along with a once a week (and sometimes twice a week) feeding of dubia or crickets and my eggs went from barely calcified and shabby looking to absolutely perfect! My geckos are also bigger and healthier looking than they have ever been. I will tell everyone about this food! Great product.

I've been feeding the pangea fruit mix to my gargoyle and crested geckos and they absolutely love it! I even feed it to them by hand using spoons and they keep wanting more! My geckos have never been particularly picky eaters and this fruit mix definitely seems to be a favourite of theirs. Definitely worth the money :)

Pangea fruit mix is ridiculous. I have a small collection of geckos and every single one of them loves it. Bowls cleared out consistently every nighht. Absolutely the best purchase I've made (and consistently make!) from Pangea.

I found out about Pangea Fruit Mix on the Pangea forum. My geckos have never been great eaters with the Repashy mix, so I decided to try something new. First day the Pangea Fruit Mix arrived I mixed some up that night to try it out and the next morning I woke up to find empty bowls! Super happy with this product, will definitely purchase again!

Have been using this food for over a year and my geckos consistently chow down on it. Alongside bugs and occasional fruit blends, it's been keeping them healthy when they have been turning their noses up at other foods. Very happy with this mix!

I have Leachianus and Cresteds, both love this food. I give this to them in place of CGD about once every 10 days. They eat every bit of this food, especially the leachies. Great product, smells great too!

Wow my geckos have never cleaned their bowls like this before. To say they liked it is an understatement! Thanks Pangea :)

I feed on a cycle, and I refer to my weekly Pangea Fruit mix food night as "treat night" as my geckos certainly seem to enjoy your food greatly. So nice to see all those little "snout marks" in the bowls on removal day! Thank you. Pangea is A+ in EVERY way.

My geckos love this food, and have gained 5 grams in less than a month. Thumbs up!