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Mini Magnetic Gecko Ledge Feeder

Pangea Mini Magnetic Gecko Feeder Ledge



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You asked for a Mini Magnetic Feeder Ledge for your smaller geckos so here it is! This compact size magnetic gecko feeder works great in any size tank and can hold up to 65 grams through 1/4 inch glass. Saves space, saves time, and makes feeding your geckos even easier. This magnetic ledge has a natural look and feel made from virtually indestructible resin epoxy. Seriously, we tried to break them and we failed.  

  • Ideal food or water dish for small to medium sized geckos
  • Easy to install.  Built in magnet attracts to the provided external magnet on the outside of the tank.
  • Patent Pending single set magnet design.  
  • Size: 3.5" x 3" x 1"
  • Fits .5 oz disposable cup for gecko food or water. (even though they are disposable, might as well recycle them).
  • Color may vary.  Light grey to charcoal.

Works pretty well for my crested geckos although I have had issues with the geckos knocking the cups out and one magnet has rusted so far. 4/5 stars

Great for a variety of geckos! Even adults if you put it next to leaves or a branch they will easily be able to reach it, and gulp it down.

I love this ledge looks natural enough. Magnet is SUPER strong it scared my gecko when i put the dish in though... Also expected it to be a tad bit bigger but looks ok. But over all the product is good.

Cute little feeding ledge, only thing I didn't like was that the bottom was not painted. I have mine high up in the cage so when you look up at it you can see the bottom does not match the rest of the ledge color. It seems like it would not have been that much more difficult also color the bottom.

I love this feeder ledge it easy to clean, to install, and it looks very nice in my crested gecko tank.

My crested gecko eats really well out of this ledge. Works well even for adult cresteds if you position it near a branch or something. Looks natural, very stable, durable, over all great product. If you want a durable natural looking ledge that won't take up a lot of space, this does the job perfect. Would definitely buy again. Thanks Pangea!

Nice, I like this little ledge.