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Fruit Fly Cup and Lid

Fruit Fly Cup and Lid



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32 oz. Fruit Fly cup & lid. Single cup option price is per cup (which includes a vented lid).  Fruit Fly Cups are also available in bulk wholesale quantity for the professional, university, or laboratory.  

We take our cups seriously and these are seriously good cups.  Made by Placon which is one of the most trusted manufacturerers of durable yet inexpensive multi use deli containers.  The cup lids are punched and then sealed with an industry standard breathable mesh to keep your cultures healthy and thriving. We also focus on value.  These fruit fly culture cups are cheap enough to use and then recycle but many folks prefer to clean them thorougly and reuse.

Buying in bulk?  Compare our price to others and remember, we ship in the USA for $4.99 no matter how huge and heavy the order is. 



These cups are really sturdy- I've made about 60 or so cultures and only one cracked due to excessive force. Lids lock on with a tight seal- which is perfect if for d. melanogaster cultures. I'd definitely recommend this product for people raising their own flies.