Pangea Flat Rate Shipping


I got a large order of really great stuff! High quality, reliable products at great prices. I'm all set with supplies for a long time! Thank you thank you! :)

Love the Acrylic cages I got. They got here super quick! I plan on getting 4-8 more. Thanks for everything Matt!

Awesome prices and quick shipping all the way down to Florida have made this my got to place for my Cresteds recently. Keep up the great work!

Great prices and great products...better shopping here than driving down the street to the pet shop, even with shipping I pay alot less!

Will continue to be a customer at Pangea!

Order had shipped in under 10 mins of getting the order confrimation. amazing service and speed! will gladly order again!!!Most of the stuff you have is the cheapist around!

All around amazing! I received the best customer service known to man! The shipping was great! I also did my research and found pangea to have the best prices on designer geckos, unlike the other guys! As far as im concerned Pangea is THE crested gecko website! Thanks Matt, you went above and beyond bro!!

Just got my first ever order from pangea. I was amazed and pleased at how quickly it arrived, and that everything was what I expected. I definitely look forward to shopping here again.

Just received one of Matt's high end no photo geckos and got such an amazing gecko for an insanely low price!!! He was very cooperative in choosing the shipping date around my schedule, not to mention super fast communication. You may be skeptical purchasing a gecko you've never seen, but Matt is definitely someone you can trust :) Thanks again!

Always super-fast shipping, Pangea gets gecko food & supplies to me even faster than the sellers that live within a couple hours of me. Pangea's #1 and gets my recommendation!

Normally customer service people are rude, put you on hold, make you wait, and mess you around. Pangaea did nothing of the sort! They promptly sorted my issue out, and apologized. I recommend anyone go here who wants service that was formerly considered non existent.