Pangea Flat Rate Shipping


I ordered a bunch of supplies and everything as always was awesome! The $4.99 shipping is best for large orders if you don't mind waiting a bit longer.

Hi, I recently ordered a couple of items from you: the Repashy 3.0 - which contrary to almost everyone else's experiences - my geckos are not too crazy about; and Pangea's fruit mix - which they are ALL crazy about (babies, juvies, and adults). My Cresties are happy on their "Pangea" mix day, AND I was lucky enough to get a BOGO offer on it. :) Thanks Again! Jen

I love all the new products! My order got here in 2 days. You have yourselves a new customer for life!

Just wanted to say thank you, I'm very happy and so is my new little friend, excellent customer service and great coloration/pattern!!!

Perfect! Just ordered a bundle of stuff, and couldn't be happier. Customer service was amazing, blew me away, and couldn't be friendlier! Everything came perfectly, and on time. Will definitely be ordering again, thanks!

Excellent customer service and your shipping is the fastest I have ever received from any body. The only place to shop for your reptile needs!

Thanks, Jennifer

Just wanted to say you guys are the greatest!! I stopped by, very unexpectedly and unannounced, and was able to get some much needed gecko food. Love the pictures I was shown and can't wait to do it again sometime, maybe next time, with more notice!!!!

Great prices! I have only placed a few orders but all have come quickly. The order form that is mailed back even has a "Thank you" note at the bottom!

I have been ordering food and supplies through Pangea for many years, and you couldn't ask for a better supplier. They offer not only many products to choose from, but below the prices of many other sources. And Matt goes above and beyond with your'e having a mini crisis and will actually receive phone calls or call you to give you the best advice he can give you. So to anyone with any doubt in their mine about Matt and his company, wash them away you are in good hands here.

Super Fast Shipping....Wow!