Pangea Flat Rate Shipping


I really love the selection of crested geckos on here, already purchase a dark halloween harli, and a pinstripe halloween harli at great prices, cant wait to see my the off spring looks like!
thanks guys for having a great selection to choose from.

Ordered Heat tape from you! It was great to have someone willing to help in every situation and still offer help on the phone after product was received thanks. Keep up the good work.

It's nice to be able to call a company by telephone and get an immediate answer to your question.
Thanks Tim.

Great customer service, fast shipping, great deals, awesome animals , great business!!

Superior customer service and orders ship quickly. I have bought reptiles and supplies. All reptiles have arrived healthy and color is fantastic! Thank you for making ordering easy and fast!

Great products and fast shipping as always. Less than a week after my order I had my package safely in my apartment. The gecko ledge is much appreciated. (Haven't found anything similar in Sweden)

Thanks from a loyal customer in Sweden!

You guys have excellent shipping and products! :)

Recent order included a Gecko Ledge and Repashy Super Fast Shipping and Amazing Products/Prices Low Shipping. Will be ordering from again and again!

I ordered a bunch of supplies and everything as always was awesome! The $4.99 shipping is best for large orders if you don't mind waiting a bit longer.

Hi, I recently ordered a couple of items from you: the Repashy 3.0 - which contrary to almost everyone else's experiences - my geckos are not too crazy about; and Pangea's fruit mix - which they are ALL crazy about (babies, juvies, and adults). My Cresties are happy on their "Pangea" mix day, AND I was lucky enough to get a BOGO offer on it. :) Thanks Again! Jen