Pangea Flat Rate Shipping


I ordered some supplies from Pangea Reptile. At first i was skeptical, as this was my first time ordering animal supplies online. I have to say, i am very impressed! Everything arrived on time. Although this was my first order from Pangea Reptile, it certainly wont be my last! Do yourself a favor, save the stress and hassle and just order your supplies here! You wont be sorry!!

The prices of Pangea are so low and affordable and it just blows my mind how affordable it is. Their is nothing better the Pangea I plan on ordering the crested gecko complete setup

I happily purchase my reptile goods from Pangea because of the speedy shipping and above average customer service!

As someone who works for a company that is very focus on providing excellent customer service to our customers I often find myself expecting the same level of service with other companies I do business with. Sadly most companies these days fall short at even the simplest of standards to which I am often left with such a sour taste I don’t give them any return business. This however was not the case with Pangea Reptile. Not only did Pangea Reptile provide a speedy reply to my inquiry days before a holiday weekend, more importantly they didn’t make me feel like an idiot for failing to notice I didn’t have everything correct before submitting my order. To the same standard and again not making me feel like an idiot, they simply took a second to educate me that one of the products I ordered was possibility missing a necessary component which would have been a bummer.

I ordered a Gargoyle Gecko and supplies from Pangea. The gecko arrived safe and sound and very happy to be in its new home. You can tell she was well taken care of and has already settled in perfect. I've had Cresteds before but am now a huge fan of Gargoyle Geckos! The plants arrived the same day and she loves them! Thank you Pangea for the great service and products!

Great communication, product in perfect condition as described, and incredibly fast shipping! What more could I ask for? Highly Recommended!

I ordered the Pangea fruit mix and its a 5 star product. My geckos would "kind of" eat the repashy products so wanted to try something new. My geckos are gaining weight FAST. One female ate so much overnight she went from 32 the night before to 36 in the morning from sucking down a whole cup

I found out about Pangea Fruit Mix on the Pangea forum. My geckos have never been great eaters with the Repashy mix, so I decided to try something new. First day the Pangea Fruit Mix arrived I mixed some up that night to try it out and the next morning I woke up to find empty bowls! Super happy with this product, will definitely purchase again!

5 stars across the board!! Whether it is shipping dry goods out at lightning speed or the care they have for their animals when shipping them as well. I would not order live reptiles to ship from anyone else but Pangea. Customer service is outstanding with answering every question I have to responding so quick to my emails. I order almost everything from here and recommend everyone to come here first when buying supplies for their reptiles.

Pangea fruit mix is ridiculous. I have a small collection of geckos and every single one of them loves it. Bowls cleared out consistently every nighht. Hoping against hope there will be a complete version some day... Absolutely the best purchase I've made (and consistently make!) from Pangea.