Great products and prices! I was shocked at how quickly I received my package in the mail.

Pangea is truly an amazing company! I always feel like I receive amazing service whether I am ordering products or asking questions. I would recommend Pangea to anyone who is interested the gecko world.

Outstanding customer service, shippings fast, prices are excellent . My geckos love the Pangea CGD, it is an excellent price.And there is an amazing selection of products.

Been using Pangea Reptile for nearly 10 years now. Great service and the Geckos love the product!

I've ordered from Pangea multiple times and have never had an issue with my orders. They have a great selection and I can always find what I need. My orders always arrive fast and packaged very well. Finally ordered my first reptile from them, I hope that goes as well as my previous orders.

Actually i would give a better rating but it doesn't go higher than 5. I have been learning more about my crested geckos the past year and they have answered all my questions to the best of their knowledge. I recently got 2 gargoyle geckos and have been very happy with them and the food pangea makes . My geckos love it. They were extremely willing to work with me with my purchase of my gargoyles to make sure i had all i need for them. They are very prompt in responding to emails i sent them.

Thank you, Matthew for producing an alternative crested gecko diet. My geckos are thriving, spunky and happy with your new food. They go right to their dishes as I am feeding them. As always, I keep returning to your site and the great products you offer and I spread the word about all the awesome stuff you have available. Keep up your great work! Thank you!

I purchased a bag of Pangea Fruit Mix at a reptile convention and upon mixing it up had found green spots I mistook to be mold. Upon investigating the site and talking to Matt via email I discovered it was only kelp not ground finely enough. I then felt safe feeding this to my precious pet, but was still offered a free replacement package. My gecko absolutely loves it! I also believe the company's customer service and the desire to please the customer is remarkable. I WILL be a repeat supporter of Pangea! Thanks Matt!

I'm so glad I found this website and the pangea forum. I just got my crestie 2 weeks ago and have already placed 5 or 6 orders. They have a great selection, great prices, great shipping prices, fast shipping and excellent customer service. This is now my #1 place for buying my reptile supplies!

Pangea Reptile sets the standard for product quality and customer service. I have been ordering from this site for years now and never once have I had an issue. My orders always come in a timely fashion and on the few occasions where I have had a question, communication has always been prompt. The animals I have received from Matthew Parks have been nothing short of phenomenal. I am extremely grateful to have found such a dependable supplier and will continue to rely on Pangea Reptile for all of my geckos' needs.