Pangea Flat Rate Shipping


I contacted Pangea, I needed specific size cork bark. They sent me EXACTLY what I needed. Can't say enough about the customer care I received. Thank you!

I never knew Pangea sold live animals - just fell upon it one day!!. I purchased a super cool unsexed gargoyle gecko. I just received it yesterday and it was instant love. It was packaged VERY well, was in super health and was fired up so much that at first I thought I received the wrong gecko!! It relaxed within 2 hours of being home and I saw the beauty I bought in real color. SUPERIOR customer service and FAST too! I would highly recommend Pangea. Prices on their geckos is VERY fair and competitive. I requested photos of parents and received them!! I can't even get this from most breeders!! THANK YOU so much

I absolutely LOVE Pangea! I've ordered a few orders from here and the shipping is awesome and fast. I ordered a crested gecko from here he came safe and sound, he also adjusted quickly to his new home and is nice and healthy. However, he did look a little slim but found out he just doesn't eat that much. He's also a picky eater, he only will eat the insect mix. It took a while for him to get used to handling, though, but everything turned out fine. I love my little escape artist. Thank you, Pangea.

I only use Pangea CGD and I recently switched to the one with insects and my little guy loves it! I ordered on Wednesday morning and it was in my mailbox on Friday morning!

Great service, and the best place for Crested Geckos. My Gecko devours the food. The forums are a great resource, and their prices are great! My Gecko came healthy and happy!

very fast shipping!! I will be ordering from them again real soon.

As a longtime costumer, I must say that Pangea reptiles are a top notch, class act business. Their products are quality and pricing is fair. The gecko diets are all I use and even my pickiest clean their dish. Order w confidence and know that if an issue should arise it will be handled quickly and professionally. I highly recommend placing an order w them and see for yourself. Thank you very much Matt Parks and your staff for all your service. Cheers!

This is the best store ver I can get the best stuff for my gecko and it's way cheaper than other places I really recommend this store for every gecko lover!!!!

I ordered the complete crested gecko kit with a free gecko. I thought this was an amazing deal and it was! I got my supplies in fast, nothing was broken! I love all the supplies they included in with the kit. I got my crested gecko in today and it is BEAUTIFUL! I was expecting a baby but it actually hatched out last year and is a juvenile. It is happy and healthy! Thanks pangea reptile!

Great site, and every time I've had speedy delivery and quality products! I will always recommend Pangea. :)