Great service, and the best place for Crested Geckos. My Gecko devours the food. The forums are a great resource, and their prices are great! My Gecko came healthy and happy!

very fast shipping!! I will be ordering from them again real soon.

As a longtime costumer, I must say that Pangea reptiles are a top notch, class act business. Their products are quality and pricing is fair. The gecko diets are all I use and even my pickiest clean their dish. Order w confidence and know that if an issue should arise it will be handled quickly and professionally. I highly recommend placing an order w them and see for yourself. Thank you very much Matt Parks and your staff for all your service. Cheers!

This is the best store ver I can get the best stuff for my gecko and it's way cheaper than other places I really recommend this store for every gecko lover!!!!

I ordered the complete crested gecko kit with a free gecko. I thought this was an amazing deal and it was! I got my supplies in fast, nothing was broken! I love all the supplies they included in with the kit. I got my crested gecko in today and it is BEAUTIFUL! I was expecting a baby but it actually hatched out last year and is a juvenile. It is happy and healthy! Thanks pangea reptile!

Great site, and every time I've had speedy delivery and quality products! I will always recommend Pangea. :)

Shipping is so fast that I am surprised every time! I gave my geckos a store brand of CGD when I was out of Pangea's CGD and they wouldn't touch it. As soon as I gave them the banana and apricot CGD back, their cups are empty of food. I've been using Pangea since 2008 and it's always top-notch. Thank you Matt!

Great product, can't feed my geckos with it fast enough!

Pangea is awesome!!! I would recommend them to any gecko fan. My crested gecko came two weeks ago and was very healthy and happy! Thank you!!!

Pangea's truly the best. Their love for these animals really shows through in every item they offer. The food's phenomenal, and I'm eternally grateful for the wealth of information provided in the forums. My only regret is that I haven't bought any geckos from them yet.