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Handpicked Crested Gecko (No Individual Photo)



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Want a really nice 8-10 week old juvie Crested Gecko but don't want to pay big bucks? For a limited time, we are offering a single crested gecko for sale, handpicked to your specifications, at only $49.99. At This price we can't provide pictures of each gecko, but tell us what you want and we'll pick it out and ship it to you. 


At this age we can't determine sex. We can do our best to judge color but cannot guarantee adult coloration.


Available Crested Geckos for Sale:  Flames, Harlequins, Partial Pinstripes, Dalmatians (out of stock), Tigers, and Patternless. 



I've had my new gecko for 6 weeks now and it is doing really good now. The first week it didn't seem to eat much at all so I had to keep a close eye on it. Pangea had some really good suggestions about feeding when I emailed them. I asked for a super dalmatian but they sent a dal with less spots. Still a good deal IMO.

I'm greatful they came in perfect condition. The reason the rating is cut is because they sent me the wrong morph. I ordered 2 crested geckos, the partial pinstripe was beautiful as expected but the other one was supposed to be a patternless... but is a flame.And for the flame gecko he was in the middle of shedding and I took him out to make sure he didn't have any stuck shed. Luckily he didn't just at the end of his tail I'm a little worried because it looks like it's rotting but it also might just be for flames the end of the tail is dark he's using it fine so I hope all goes well for him. But besides minor complaints they are active and eating, anyway thank you Pangea.

I ordered a partial pinstripe crested gecko from Pangea Reptile yesterday and I received it today, it is super beautiful, just amazing color on this animal and I can tell by the head design already that this animal will have a broad and beautiful crest.

When the folks at Pangea Reptile tell you that they will pick you out an animal to your' specifications they truly do mean it, and the support staff there are second to none, they stand with you through the entire process, "Pangea Reptile you rock!", if you are planning on buying a crested gecko here folks you can not go wrong.

I got a partial pinstripe i thought....They sent me me a Adult quad stripe...i was so happy.

We got our baby in Sept 2015, and she is gorgeous. She is a patternless (questionable red, she appears more chocolate/mocha and green than red) crested. She arrived strong, healthy and active and has become a wonderful and well loved member of the family. She is very tame, and so lovey. She is more cuddly than our cat. She gets very excited when she sees me pull out my scarf, and starts "dancing" and jumps into the scarf to nestle into it and go to sleep. I carry her around in it a couple of hours a day like a baby sling. I take her out every now and again and give her fresh water, and then she scampers back up my arm and jumps back into the scarf. She is always very excited to see us, and is very active in the evenings. She is very clever, and I just can't get over how lovey she is. And, that face! So adorable!!! We love our crestie.

Twix is a beautiful Tri-Color Harleguin. She or he got to our house safe and sound. I highly suggest using this offer. However I cannot tell if Twix is eating but other then that, she is doing great. Twix enjoys being up at night. I do not no what she thinks of my leopard gecko who lives next door to her cage, though. :)

I got my gecko caeserreta two moths ago and she is doing great she is a beautiful red harlequin and she is so friendly I recommend this deal to everyone one who wants a great gecko!

Love my handpicked gecko! Great communication with pangea and got a bargain with an amazing gecko for $50! I definitely recommend this deal. I might even do it again!

I couldn't be happier! Very great people to work with and they answered my questions much faster than I anticipated. I received a gecko 5 weeks ago in fantastic condition. I was wary about the shipping because it was very hot at the time and quite a drive, but there was plenty of cushioning and I was surprised to find there was still a bit of moisture when the gecko arrived. The gecko took less than a week to begin eating again and is absolutely gorgeous and active. I have already recommended Pangea Reptile to friends and will do so again in the future.

Pangea did it again!...This is my third baby crested gecko ive purchased from them. It arrived just as beautiful and active as the other two did. :-)