Piebald Pied Crested Gecko



Welcome to the Female Crested Gecko page. Here you will find young ready to breed (RTB) female crested geckos for sale as well as immature females. All of the ready to breed geckos listed on this page are virgin unless otherwise stated. Lineage is available only for the Pangea Crested Geckos from our high end projects as we are not able to provide detailed history for lower end geckos. If you are interested in breeding crested geckos and don't want to start with animals that are too young to deciper the sex then getting older guaranteed females is the way to go. Or if you are planning to house multiple animals in one enclosure then you will want to make sure they are all females or that the group consists of no more than one male.

Our female crested geckos for sale come exactly as they are pictured below. We completely guarantee them for a full 30 days. If you have any questions about care or our shipping procedure, feel free to CONTACT US.