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Exo Terra Jungle Vine



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Exo Terra Jungle Vines are very realistic and functional decorations for your reptile's terrarium.  They are bendable and flexible enough that you can do just about anything with them, including submerging in water, thanks to their durable waterproof exterior.  These are perfect climbing vines for all reptiles and amphibians, chameleons can hold onto them easily, geckos like to chill on them, snakes love to slither around on them, and frogs climb up them like they would in the rain forests.  Get creative with these and twist them together to make ultra funky looking and unique vine structures.  Provides life and excitement to your forest or woodland themed vivarium.


Small: 6 foot length.  1/4 inch diameter

Large: 6 foot lenght.  1/2 inch diameter

I got a free one from one of their sales and I like it since it is easy to clean but the compromise is that it doesn't look very realistic. Does its job and looks fine though.

Thick and sturdy vine. I have a bunch of baby beardies that can easily climb all over it. I haven't washed it yet but it seems like one of the easier decorations to clean.