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Exo Terra Nano Reptile Terrarium 8x8x8

Exo Terra Nano Terrariums



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Why We Like It:  Perfect glass reptile terrarium for small dart frogs, geckos, etc. This Exo Terra terrarium is perfect for the bedroom, office, or living room. These small glass terrariums are the perfect size habitats for raising your hatchling geckos or other small lizards in. All of the same high end functions as the bigger Exo Terra glass terrariums we have for sale - just small and compact! Removeable screen top, durable latch, front ventilation, and easy access for feeding your pet with the front opening door. Removeable foam background included!


Does Not Include Light Fixture - Not available for international orders.

I've been breeding geckos for years and prefer these over plastic containers. Set them up on racks with led light strips so I can enjoy viewing my animals. Just received 6 more from Pangea 3 days after ordering. All arrived in perfect condition. It feels like I have a zoo in my reptile room :P

We use these Nano tanks for our hatchlings. Keeps the humidity and moisture levels better than some larger ones and Tupperware, while allowing the tank to breath due to its design.

Highly recommended for baby geckos to juveniles. Strong, secure, and great quality.

Very satisfied with the terrarium. However, please note the tank does not include the light fixture. Thanks for updating your website.

I love this tank, my baby crested gecko does great in this tank instead of a critter keeper