Exo Terra Jungle Tree

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The Exo Terra Jungle Tree creates an easily modified cimbing structure for arboreal species. The bendable branches of this reptile tree allow for several different heights and angles that your animal can bask from. This product is an easy way to help your pet thermoregulate when using any reptile heat lamp or ceramic heat emitter. Creating an elevated resting spot can also help to reduce stress, keeping arboreal animals feeling safe and secure. The Jungle Tree is coated in a soft grippy texture that can easily be climbed by lizards, geckos, frogs and even climbing vines. Allowing climbing vines in live planted vivariums to grow onto this structure can create an easily maintained and customizable habitat.

  • Easy installation
  • Bends and holds shape
  • Soft grippy surface
  • Helps arboreal species to easily thermoregulate

Small: 18" tall with 1/2" thickness

Large: 24" tall with 3/4" thickness