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Chlorhexidine (aka Nolvasan) is a very effective bacteriacide, virucide, and fungicide. 100% safe to use in reptile cages because it leaves no toxic residue or fumes. This is the same stuff veterinarians use to irrigate wounds and is even used as a mouthwash for animals and people. We have been using this product for years and it has our full endorsement.


Dilution rate for Chlorhexidine

1 ounce (2 Tbsp) solution per 1 gallon of clean water. 




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Chlorhexidine Disinfectant Instructions
  • Fill a 32 oz Spray Bottle with water, leaving enough room to add the Chlorhexidine concentrate.
  • Slowly add the concentrate to water allowing it to disperse.
  • Your disinfectant is now ready to use!


Simply spray cage disinfectant liberally on cage walls and accessories, wipe dry, no need to rinse with water.

Once mixed with water your disinfectant will be very effective for 6 weeks but will slowly start to lose effectiveness after 6 weeks.  You can mix up smaller amounts of disinfectant as needed. 
  • ½ bottle of concentrate to 16 oz of water
  • ¼ bottle of concentrate to 8 oz of water



Chlorhexidine is a very safe disinfectant and there is a large margin for error, so you do not need to get the mix exactly right.

Wonderful disinfectant - I haven't tried the new stuff yet (F10 SC Veterinary Reptile Disinfectant) recommended by Pangea but I've used this one for over a year and although I use 4 ounces per quart (effectiveness is the same either way, I've just found that the price allows for purchase by the gallon, and even at that dilution a gallon lasts me over six months). I use this for all reptile purposes including new animal isolation, to avoid cross contamination, habitat and dishes clean-up, etc. Research it yourself by checking on Yahoo and Google, but trust that Pangea will NEVER steer you toward anything harmful to you or to your reptile. I even use this to clean habitat walls (I moisten a paper towel with water and this disinfectant) when the reptile is still in the habitat. The only health caveat I have found is that you should take care not to inhale the spray - both you and your pets. A+ for this awesome disinfectant.
P.S. This is the same thing as Hiclens sold for MUCH MORE in Walgreens, etc. It is uses in healthcare by surgeons and physicians as a pre-scrub for examinations and surgery (my brother-in-law is a physician and my sister a nurse and they are very familiar with this disinfectant).