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The live insects we feed our reptiles may not be the smartest animals on the planet but that is why they have you to make their lives a little tastier and easier with these insect food products!  That way your reptiles are thanking you for making their meals that much more packed with the essential vitamins and supplements to keep them smiling.  

Gut loading is a great alternative (or additive) to dusting your insects so that the process of your reptile ingesting the nutrition he or she requires is more naturally derived.  We proudly offer our newer product called P.I.G. - or Pangea Insect Grub - which can be fed dry, wet, or even as a gel.  It also smells great!

Adding water gel to your bulk insect bins is also a great way for them to not only not drown (again, they aren't that smart), but to provide an easy way to keep them hydrated and fat before feeding them to your animals.  We offer our water gel pre-made for your convenience or the option of ordering it as crystals for you to make yourself.  Fancy!

Water Crystals

Why We Like It:  It keeps our crickets from drowning.  Just add water and these potassium based crystals will expand and fill with water.

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Pangea Insect Grub PIG for short. A nutritionally complete food for all feeder insects such as Dubia Roaches and Crickets. Designed to be...

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Insects love it and your animals will benefit from gut loaded and nutritious feeder crickets or roaches! Rainforest Junky's Cricket Gut load is a...

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Why We Like It:  Same stuff as the water crystals, just pre-mixed with water for your convenience.

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