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Cork Bark Flat

Assorted Cork Bark Flats



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The versatile and decorative cork flat looks great in any reptile set up.  Often used for climbing structure or for creating a natural terrarium background.  Some pieces do have a slight curve to them, having once been on a round tree.  The cork flats vary in width from 1/2 inch on up to 3 inches thick in some cases. Feel free to request a certain type in your order notes and we will do our best to find the right piece for you.  


Cork bark does not rot even in very moist environments, so don't hesitate to use it anywhere.  It will float in an aquatic environment and many people use it as natural turtle basking platform,  it will leech a harmless brown color into the water for the first few months.  Again it's nothing to worry about, just the natural tannins in the wood making their way out.

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