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Complete Crested Gecko Kit

Complete Crested Gecko Kit



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This complete crested gecko starter kit has everything you need to get started, even a FREE CRESTED GECKO (optional)! The 12x12x18" Exo Terra terrarium is the perfect size cage for a juvenile-adult crested gecko. This kit includes plenty of decorations, gecko food, and all the supplies you need.  The optional free geckos are typically 8-12 weeks old, full tails, and backed by our 30 day health guarantee. 

Included In The Complete Crested Gecko Kit
  • Exo Terra 12x12x18 glass terrarium 
  • Foam background (removeable)
  • Small Herp Haven kritter keeper (starter cage or feeding cage)
  • 12"x12" Pangea Carpet
  • Analog dual thermometer humidity gauge
  • Pangea Small Acrylic Suction Cup Gecko Ledge
  • 50 1/2 oz. disposable feeding cups
  • Grapevine
  • 1 Small Zoo Med Hanging Plant
  • 2 Medium Zoo Med Hanging Plant
  • 2 oz bag Pangea Complete Gecko Diet
  • Exo Terra misting bottle
  • Sample size vitamins
  • Sample size ReptiSafe water conditioner

We reserve the right to substitute items in the set up for other items of equal value and functionality.

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For more information on our live animal shipping policy and health guarantees, click HERE


Free Gecko: Put a request in your order notes for the type of crested gecko you would prefer.  It's best to include one alternative in case we are out of a particular type. The free crested gecko included with our complete kit will likely be between 6-10 weeks of age and we will be sure to include the hatch date written on the container the gecko ships in. Due to the age, we can't determine the sex. The gecko does not ship automatically. We will contact you via email to schedule shipment once your kit has shipped. There is a $39.95 shipping fee that includes all packaging and temperature controls for the live animal shipment.

Available Types: Flames, Harlequins, Dalmatians, Tigers, and Patternless/Almost Patternless.  We cannot pick out specific colors as crested geckos tend to grow into their adult coloration. 


Not available for international shipping

perfect starter kit, but I wish they had the option to upgrade to the bigger exo terra tank. Don't get me wrong, this kit is an A++ for juvenile geckos but it's the minimum reccomended cage for an adult. The free gecko is everything I wanted. Really happy with all the supplies included and you save $$when you get this kit rather than ordering everything separate (already did the math).

My daughter has been wanting a gecko for over a year. After doing our research, we decided on this kit. It has literally everything you need for a crested gecko at the best price compared to other kits available. We might get a larger cage once the gecko gets some size on it, but it has been doing great in the 12x12x18 for months. The kit shipped out the same day we ordered it and we received an email regarding the gecko shipment right after our kit had shipped. Since the it was a little warm on our end, we scheduled delivery a few days out and the gecko was clearly packed with care. We even got 2 free bags of Pangea with the gecko shipment which saved us some money and we haven't had to order more food until today, 3 months later. This is our first time ordering an animal online and I am still shocked at how easy the whole process was. "Princess Luna" is spoiled little gecko!

I wanted to wait a year before I wrote this. I ordered this set (with baby crestie) over a year ago and it's honestly the best thing I ever bought. Great start up kit and includes food (they actually included two packets for me)! The best thing was the gecko. I MESSED up so many times, (stupid and really dangerous for the gecko) but she's still here! Pangea raises really hardy geckos!

Kit came right on time. My gecko arrived safe and sound as well! She is absolutely adorable and what I asked for. Thank you sooo much Pangea!!

Got my kit right on time. Packed perfectly for shipping, it arrived safe and ready to put together. very impressed with the kit

I ordered this kit and received it on time. HOLY COW! Everything you need is included. I have had my gecko for a couple days and I couldn't be more happy! Best gecko kit on the internet.

I would HIGHLY recommend this kit. When I first got my gecko ( came with the kit ) I expected to get a plain gecko, but instead they gave us a beautiful harlequin baby, and she was so sweet! This kit comes with all of the nessecities, and everything is great quality. Pangea is a very nice company overall, and they even threw in some other little treats! I bought a few extra plants, but I didn't even use them because the cage came with the perfect amount! I also kept my gecko in the small critter keeper for a little bit too, and that worked out very nicely. The only negative thing is the grapevine molded after a few weeks in my cage, but overall, it was perfect for the price!:))

Way better than I expected! The 12x12x18" tank seems like a perfect size for my new gecko even when he grows up. They suggested keeping the gecko in the small critter keeper for a couple weeks while it is settling in after shipping and my little gecko has been doing great and eating fine. Set up the tank with everything it comes with but I used paper towel to line the bottom for now until it is old enough to use a better looking more natural substrate.

Nice product
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