Complete Crested Gecko Set Up

Complete Set Up With FREE GECKO (Optional)



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Complete Crested Gecko Set Up

It has everything you need to get started, even a FREE GECKO (optional)!  Free geckos are 10-12 weeks old, full tails, and you can request specific types.  Geckos are unsexable at this age.


EXO TERRA 12x12x18 Glass Terrarium

Small Herp Haven Kritter Keeper (starter cage or feeding cage) (not pictured)


Cut to Fit Cage Carpet (not pictured)


Analog Dual Thermometer Humidity Gauge


Pangea Small Acrylic Magnetic Cup Holder (not pictured)

50 1/2 oz. Disposable Feeding Cups


12" Grapevine

1 Small Zoo Med Hanging Plant

2 Medium Zoo Med Hanging Plant


2 oz Bag Pangea Complete Gecko Diet


Exo Terra Misting Bottle


Sample Size Calcium Powder

Sample Size Vitamins


Sample Size ReptiSafe Water Conditioner



Are there cerain types of plants you would like? Let us know! We can't gaurantee we'll be able to give you exactly what you want, but we will pick out something similar. 

We reserve the right to substitute items in the set up for other items of equal value and functionality.


Free Gecko:  Put a request in your order notes for the type of gecko you would prefer.  It's best to include one alternative in case we are out of a particular type.

Available Types: Flames, Harlequins, Dalmatians, Tigers, and Patternless/Almost Patternless.  We cannot pick out specific colors.  These geckos are too young to determine the sex.

There is an aditional $39.95 shipping fee for the free gecko. 

*Not available for shipment internationally*

The set-up came very quickly, packaged very carefully and included everything listed. Pangea obviously cares that the Geckos they're selling go to good homes because they've provided everything I wouldn't have gotten inclusively anywhere else. They know exactly what they're doing. My Dalmatian Gecko came quickly with a heat pack included when favorable weather was to be had on both ends, communication was very quick, they have great customer service! I was pleasantly surprised when s/he was so lively despite the stress of shipment, that s/he was eating, drinking and exploring her habitat the very same night of arrival. My gecko has a great temperament and is already accepting food and water from my fingers and, while obviously in great health, isn't too flighty or nervous when observed.
Thank you Pangea!

The set up is wonderful and shipped very quickly. Everything was in good condition and exactly what I was hoping for. My free gecko was high quality and absolutely stunning in color and pattern! Absolutely worth the price, and a much better deal than I would have got locally. Thank you!

I am very pleased with this setup. It arrived very quickly and is exactly as pictured. You cant beat this offer its worth every penny. Ill definitely be ordering all my supplies and crested geckos from this company!!!!!!!!