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Thread: mating gargoyle geckos

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    Default mating gargoyle geckos

    So tonight I put my male and female gargoyle geckos in a neutral territory in hopes that they would mate. Well I was watching them and the female started making what I guess would be a barking noise and the male bit her tail (I looked later and it did not leave marks on her tail) and when he bit her tail she opened her mouth to bite him and then I got nervous and separated them again. I have heard that mating for gargoyle geckos can be somewhat violent but I wasn't sure if this behavior was normal. The male is supposed to be proven (before I got him) and the female is a virgin. Is it just not going to work out or did I separate them prematurely? Thanks in advance for any advice!!

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    Sounds like pretty normal gargoyle foreplay, including the noises. They can get frisky and occasionally even lose a tail. Back bites and head bites are common. How much does the female weigh and is the male at least comparable? All that aggression is not always from the male to the female - the females can get nasty, too.

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    I tend to agree with Alan here on all points. When I first bred auriculatus a few yrs back, pretty much all my females outweighed my males by a few grams. When I paired them up, it was like mayheim. The females immediately started bullying the males. So I separated them before things got too physical. Paired them up a few nights later and that got along fine. Btw, I just put the males in the females' enclosures just long enough to ensure a few good copulations. After that, they live in their separate cages for the rest of the year...
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    Hmmmmm..... I seem to have the opposite problem. The male and female I put together last week do not seem interested in each other at all. What is up with that? Hope it was just for my benefit and they were able to find some mutual attraction during the night. It would be nice to get some garg babies!

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    Yeah I agree with Harold and Dr. Alan.

    My females are usually around 60 grams and my males around 45 and they like to play rough sometimes. I would leave them together unless you see a bite mark that is open/bleeding then I would seperate them and treat the wound then reintroduce them once the wound heals.
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    Ya know, I've been breeding aurics for 2 years and have yet to see them "do it". I know they DO 'cause I get nice offspring, but I've never witnessed them. That does sound like typical behavior, no need to add my $0.02.


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