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Thread: Keeping geckos cozy during extra-cold weather

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    Default Keeping geckos cozy during extra-cold weather

    Anybody doing or thinking of doing anything new or special to keep your geckos warm during this cold snap (on the eastern coast of North America, anyway)?

    I have set up a 100 W heat lamp at the top of two of my cages that are in front of a window. The location is generally good because it helps maintain the live potted plants in the cages, which have paper towel as the main substrate. Normally the temperature is fine, but with lows of -15 C (5 F) before the wind chill and -25 with wind chill (-13 F) here, it was getting too low for anyone's comfort. Each of these tanks is a 20 gallon aquarium on its side (vertically oriented) that houses one male. Each male has multiple hiding tubes at different heights, so the geckos can choose to hang out in warmer or cooler areas. In addition to the heat lamp, I moved the cages away from the wall to reduce the chill from the cold air coming down the window and wall.

    (My other gecko cages are heavily planted vivs farther from the window, with their own lights, and one is next to a heated fish tank, so they're all OK).
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    I'm in Wisconsin, so pretty darn cold here too. My tanks are in the middle of the house, so I don't have to worry about drafts. But it's still between 65-68 in the house. I put a 100W CHE about 6-8" above my 18x18x24 tank (wire fixtures), and a 60W over the 12x12x18, same distance up - so as not to melt the plastic Exo Terra tops. So far it's working pretty well. Temps in the tank with the heaters on is in the mid-70's, and I turn them off before bed so they have a cool-off period as well. I've been misting more often too as the humidity drops below 50 at times because of the CHE's.

    Not expecting it here, but if we should loser power, I have a good supply of handwarmers that I can stuff inside some old socks to provide some heat for a few hours.
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    i don't really know anything about lighting, but whenever it gets cold here i just whip out my space heater every morning and turn it on. i'm always in my room when it is, so i don't really need to worry about it getting too hot. i also refill my water bottle i use for misting with warmer water and use that every morning.

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