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Thread: My new Crested gecko terrarium design

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    Default My new Crested gecko terrarium design

    Here's what my crested gecko terrarium look like, feel free to comment about any mistakes I made or anything you think I can add.


    So the terrarium includes a background, 2 fake plants that I bought from a pet store, a stick and an exo terra climbing stick that I also bought from a pet store, 2 pieces of bamboo I got from a place that sells basically anything, I use eco earth mixed with coconut fiber as substrate and since my crestie doesn't like feeding ledges I use a bowl of water(a pangea bottle lid) and a food dish( a pangea bottle lid). I also put a hide in there it's barely visible but she uses it sometimes so I'm keeping it in.

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    The sticks and vines are great. I'd add a lot more plants, the more the better. It should be hard to find your crestie. Thrift stores and craft stores can be great places to find inexpensive fake plants. Wash well before putting them in your tank.
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