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Thread: What lizards can live their entire life in a 40 gal?

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    Default What lizards can live their entire life in a 40 gal?

    I found a 40 gallon Exo Terra tank for free via Craigslist, and for the past four months I have no idea what the hell to put in it lol. I want a Bearded Dragon or .Blue Tongue Skink, but there's absolutely no way I would feel comfortable about putting either species in there. I've asked this question on Reddit & Facebook - each time I've been told that I could put either leopard geckos or a fire belly toad colony.
    There has to be more options of lizards.

    I would like to keep this strictly to lizards first, and if you have any other ideas for turtles, frogs/toads, etc. Let me know.

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    Maybe a few steppe runners would be good. They're newer to the trade than skinks and beardies but are still fairly cheap.
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    Nice you are lucky to get a 40 gallon easily, as for lizards I think pygmy chameleons or anole colonies can be kept tho im not sure. You could always get a small turtle that usually stay 5-6 inches tho I'm sure you might need a bigger tank later on. If It was up to me I would get a madagascar giant day gecko but they are hard to keep so I wouldn't recommend it.


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