Hello! I just got my first crestie exactly one month ago. He was 5 months old when I got him and is now 6 months old. He's been eating and pooping just fine. I keep his cage at around 70 degrees and I do a heavy spray each night around 6-10pm (He wakes up at 6 since that's when it starts getting dark). I keep a cloth over half of his cage to help hold in the humidity but still keep air flowing through freely. I do not yet have a humidity gauge so I am not sure what exactly the humidity is. I plan to order one this week since I just got paid.

He hasn't shed at all in the month I've had him. I read online that sometimes you often won't actually see them shedding, but I figured I'd find his shed skin in the cage like I have with the other reptiles I've had. He has a basic paper towel set up and places to hide and I've always found his poop just fine.

Should I be worried? Do you think it's most likely the humidity and I should be spraying more? Thanks in advance