Hi all,

I've been around in the forum for a while, but just recently got my first crestie. So long story short - I am very dedicated and I wanted to have the best for him. I am keeping 60-80 humidity, around 22 C and providing Repashi CGD, occasonally crickets and I am waiting for Pangea delivery to try this also. Unfortunately probably my main mistake was too big tank from the beginning, and no paper towel, but he wasn't exactly a hatching, maybe more of a juvie, so I decided he'll be ok. Here is the tank:
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Here is the gecko when I took him:

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Anyways - the first week everything seemed fine, even the first night, in the morning, he was out of hiding, I found him on the food, and when I checked he has been eating from day 1. So I figured everything is fine. He continued to eat through the first week, I also finger-fed him on some occasions, just for fun. Unfortunately again, I didn't see any poop, but the tanks is big and has eco earth substrate and moss, so I figured it's too small to be seen and since he was eating I thought it's ok. At one point I got him crickets also, I put 3 of them in the terrarium the next day they were gone. This one time he pooped on my hand when I held him and he also ate a lot of the CGD so I was really happy he is healthy and he is growing (I think it's even visible that he is growing in only 1 week - Name:  26539971_10154925845762273_2039987830_o.jpg
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And then ... he stopped eating completely. I am absolutely sure, because I make sure the CGD is completely flat when I leave it and there is no "tongue marks" in the mornings. I also rarely now find him out in the morning, so I am not really sure if he even moves during the night. He was never particularly active, he never jumped or moved quickly, but I think he slowed down even more. When I hold him he moves a bit, but again not much.

It's been 7 days now and he hasn't eaten at all - I tried crickets again but he didn't eat them for 2 days and they died so I threw them out. He refuses also the CGD and I made him 2 times blended mango/banana and only banana mix, but they weren't touched. I bought a small plastic enclosure, which I think is used for transport, to monitor him better and to have his food more in sight (even if he had found it on day 1 by himself), and put paper towels in it, but 2 days into it, he still hasn't eaten

I am really worried from this sudden lack of appetite. I also don't know if he has some kind of constipation or something and this is the reason he is not eating, there is no poo in the new enclosure, but I guess it's normal if he doesn't eat at all.

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Please, any suggestions or advises are most welcome.