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Thread: Looking for possible answers about my crestie’s death

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    Default Looking for possible answers about my crestie’s death

    Unfortunately, I lost my sweet girl Eleanor today. We got Ellie in August from PetSmart. I know that’s absolutely not the best place to get a pet from, but my boyfriend and I did not know any better at the time, and we haven’t shopped there since we found out about the way they can be there. I think this kind of set Ellie up for failure in the first place, since the geckos that you get from breeders are obviously much better off and healthy for the most part from what I’ve learned. Anyway... for some background information, Ellie dropped her tail at the beginning-middle of January. My boyfriend had been out of town and hadn’t handled her for a couple weeks, and we think she just got freaked out because she bit him, he dropped her (only from a couple inches...not a big drop at all), and then we put her back in her terrarium where she proceeded to drop her tail. Going forward, we made sure to clean the area around where her tail once was, bathed her, kept the terrarium clean, etc. We mist her in the morning and at night before bed, and occasionally once during the day if it gets especially dry (like 30s humidity). Her terrarium is kept at about 70 F. Never hotter than 75, never colder than 60s. We feed her the Pangea diet every couple of days. She pooped as recently as a few days ago, but I definitely haven’t seen as much of a dent in her food recently. We got her out to give her a bath in a container on Sunday and she didn’t lick the water droplets much. In general, what I’m getting at is it did seem that her appetite and hydration had probably been going down. I’ve been worried about her for days, because she hadn’t seemed to have been moving as much either. It was just hard for me to say whether or not she was since obviously they move more at night anyway, so I thought she could have been more active at night and just going back to her same spots as normal. She has a log hide to go into on the floor of her terrarium that she had gone into yesterday. Last night, she had gotten out of the log and climbed into the leaves, which I saw as a good sign, since she obviously had moved. However, today she was in the leaves all day and I sadly saw that her little toes had shriveled up, so I knew she was definitely not okay. My boyfriend confirmed that she had passed. I would just like to know anyone’s opinions on what might’ve happened to my poor girl. My theories are that she had some sort of internal illness that I couldn’t detect, or an infection from the tail drop, but like I said that happened over a month ago and we definitely tried our best to keep that situation under control. The picture I have attached is from Sunday when I gave her a bath like I said. She seemed to look quite fine then. Thanks in advance for any thoughts on what happened to my Ellie.
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    I am so sorry you lost her. It sounds like you were doing everything right, and you can't beat yourself up over the tail loss, as most of them lose their tails in the wild at some point or another.

    If nothing looked terribly wrong, it's possible she had a parasite load (common in pet store geckos), and there would be no way to really know that unless you had taken a fecal sample in to be tested.

    I hope it won't stop you from getting another. Sometimes despite our best efforts, it's just not meant to be. But that doesn't mean that the next one won't be just fine, and will live a very long life, with good care.
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    sorry for your loss

    Yes it sounds like internal parasites to some degree. Do you know how much she weighed? If so was she gaining weight, losing, or staying the same? Weight is a very important piece of information to keep track of, especially on young animals and weight loss is usually one of the first signs.

    Also always recommend a fecal test done on every new animal. A fresh stool sample is the best way to find out if your gecko is ill BEFORE it starts showing signs.

    As above, I hope this does not deter you from acquiring another gecko. They are truly wonderful creatures and the geckos I have right now are all amazing <3 each one has their own personality.

    Should you decide to get another one, may i recommend you go to a reputable breeder (JB's Cresties, Scardy Cat Geckos LLC, etc. I have em on FB so if you ever need links let me know) and may I also recommend you purchase either a juvenile (20grams or above) or even better, an adult. A lot of breeders do sell their retired females for 'pet only' homes for decent prices, and a healthy adult may help you gain confidence about your care, etc. as they are much more hardy, and have already been tamed for the most part <3<3 i will always recommend juvenile or adult geckos to new owners <3 they usually have the best experiences
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    Sorry about your loss!

    To add to what others have said, they don't really need baths very much. Only if they have stuck shed or something. They should have a water dish though.
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