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    I accidentally left my geckos food out for 3 days I am concerned if he ate it would it harm him? His underbelly is rougher and he has trouble climbing things like he lost his stickiness on his feet should I take him to the vet? If not let me know anything else. Thank you

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    I doubt rougher scales and not sticking would be signs of eating bad food. Those are actually typical signs that he is probably going into shed. Signs of food poisoning or sickness from eating rotten food would be things like vomiting/diarrhea, lack of apetite and lethargy. If he is moving around and eating fine then he's probably not ill. Do you know if he even ate the food on the third day? I always leave my food out for 2 days so a third day probably wouldn't be too bad, though I wouldn't make it a habit. There is usually not much food by the end of the second day for my geckos anyway, though I'm not sure how much food you leave out.

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    like orchidilla said leaving it out for 3 days is prolly not the cause, its common practice to leave food for 2 days and sometimes, I dont practice it, but if there is food left over ppl just rehydrate it and leave it an extra day, like stated it sounds like he is about to shed, also note once he sheds he may not eat as much or any for a few days because he eats his shed lol
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    He has been moving around he just ate 1 cricket I couldnít tell if he ate on the third day because some was missing I couldnít tell if it was from the crust or the gecko he is in shed though I gave him a bath to see if that would help his stickiness and I sorta did I am going to put just 1/4 of a tsp of Pangea powder and 1 tsp of water instead of 1tsp of powder and 2 tsp of water because he hasnít been eating all of it he is now 21 grams after the rotted food he was 19 grams before the rotted food. Thank you

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    these guys eat over-ripe/rotting fruit in the wild. P: I'm sure he/she's ok <3 If there was mold in it, that's another story, but GCD thats 3 days old shouldn't cause issues.
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    Thank you

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    He could be getting ready to shed or has some food stuck to his underside and feet if he happened to walk straight through it. You can do a bath. Use a Tupperware container with holes poked in it and put him in with the lid on with a bit of damp paper towel or just enough water to soak his feet in for 10-15 minutes.


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