Last time was the breeding formula and it hasn't been a big hit with em. I mix in pureed fruits each feeding and it keeps them satisfied, and of course they get their roaches as well, but I think it's about time to replace the mixture, as I've had it for awhile (i always end up with more than I need. 2oz is far too small to last me longer than a month (and I ain't orderin' food that much lol) and 8oz seems to be a tiny bit too much but it's the only size that makes sense for me right now. Can't wait to have more geckos so this food doesn't go to waste heh @_@

The with insects formula is kinda 'meh' with them as well, and they already get live roaches anyways so the extra protein isn't really needed in their gecko goop.

So what flavor should I go with this time?

Watermelon Mango?
Banana Apricot?
Banana Papaya?

Plan to place order tomorrow afternoon :P

May the ever-judging gaze of HoneyBear bless your New Years.
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