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Thread: Wanting to buy a chahoua.

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    Default Wanting to buy a chahoua.

    So I really want to get a chahoua gecko, where do you buy them? I asked the local reptile show, and no one has them. Also is there anyone on here that has them and the tank sizes? There seems to be mixed opinions on the tank size. Thanks.

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    18x18x24 Is the recommended exo for a single chahoua. There is a good facebook group with lots of breeders on them that sell quite regularly there. Im looking to pair mine up this year but it wont be for a while before i know if i will even get any eggs out of them.
    1.1 pine island chahoua

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    You can check the Facebook group 'Chahoua Classifieds' or Faunaclassifieds if you haven't already. I have a couple juvenile Pine Island available that would be shipped by Pangea Reptile if you're interested feel free to email me at

    18x18x24 is ideal for 1-2 adults. I think the tank size is pretty much inline with crested geckos, so a 12x12x18 Exo Terra would be fine for a juvenile-sub adult chahoua.


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